In January I temporarly moved to Samoes, a very cute, and very french, little village in the french Alps. The decision of moving somewhere in the Alps for the winter months (and possibly for a bit longer) was a very easy decision. Deciding where exactly it wasn’t. If you think of how many great ski resorts there are in in Alps, you’ll soon understand my happy dilemma. When back in November and December last year I started thinking about it, it soon occurred to me that the possibilities were endless. First of all I had to decide the country. On top of my list I had Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy. I then thought it would have been nice and wise to try and combine a pure skibum season with some form of personal education, improving my french skills for instance. I promise you I didn’t choose France just for the delicious mountain food, although I have to confess that did help

The main reason why I decided to move to Samoens is because two of my good friends I met in Australia last year had a job in the village and  in the house where they were going to live they had a spare room so..the step was easy. The other main reason is that together with Morillon, Les carroz, Flaine and Sixt, Samoens is part of the Gran Massiff ski area. A massive area who has something in th region of 260km of slopes. The freeriding possibilities are endless



The house of Joyimg002981

Winter wonderland.. view from my windowimg002962

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