Walkabout 1

This was my first day outside the resort boundaries. After only a couple of weeks of resort riding I felt the need to explore the terrain surrounding the ski resort. I know, I know.. 5 ski resorts all linked together, 260 km of slopes.. is a massive amount of space and should have kept me busy for much longer than that.. but you know what I am like – I always liked exploring, venturing off the beaten track, into the woods, hiking, possibly away from lifts and the crowds.

This winter, although I did spend a fair amount of time hiking outside the ski resort, I didn’t explore as much as I had planned when I came out here. Sometimes I go to bed at night thinking about all the ski touring itineraries, the hikes and the lines I will not have the opportunity to experience this winter..but I know I will do a lot more next year!

The pictures speak for themselves. I don’t think I need to add too many words to describe how nice and peaceful was out there. I was on my own, surrounded by all that beauty. Do you ever get the feeling of being in the right place at the right time? Well, that’s how I always felt during my walkabouts. It’s the type of feeling that makes you feel content, not wanting anything else other than what you already have right there in front of you. I’ll be looking for that feeling more in the future as I am sure if key to improve the quality of life

This is Oscar my Jeep. he has been amazing, it took me everywhere I needed to go, in any conditions



















































I might move into one of these mountain huts for the summer. I am going to trade comforts for views.. and perhaps learn how to make delicious cheese


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