Walkabout 2 & 3

These pictures have been taken during 2 consecutive days. The area where I went hiking this time is right next to the one I went to a few days earlier during my first walkabout. This time though, on my second day, I had my board with me and since snow conditions were good, I decided to try and pick a couple of nice, mellow lines and managed to do it. The thing with lines in the backcountry is that when you get to the bottom you don’t have a lift which brings you up again in a few minutes, it might take a couple of hours to go back up! so I only had the chance to do a couple of lines in one day.

Every time I think of the life of pro riders/skiers, it blows me away. They are usually picked up by the heli and dropped off on the peaks. Chopper time, the way forward..it is the only way to ride a few big mountain lines in a short period of time. Some pros call the helicopter “chair”, like we normal people call the chair lifts around the ski resorts! If you are interested in seeing some amazing pictures and reading of amazing backcountry adventures on beautiful mountains around the world, check this blog out:


He is an amazing rider who spends his winters mainly in North America hiking and riding big mountains. In the world of big mountain skiers and snowboarders he is definitely a benchmark. Since the first time I visited his blog I have been inspired, not just by the pictures of his travels, but also by what he writes and the way he does it. Every time I am on his blog I lose myself in the maze of the archives, reading everything, staring at the pictures.. and find myself day dreaming. I don’t remember ever been inspired so much by anyone in my life. I know that he is not a friend and not even somebody I know but who cares? If you think how rare is to be truly inspired.. when was the last time you have been inspired by someone? Can you remember?

I know that not everyone is has passionate as I am about this whole backcountry mountain environment so although I don’t expect you to be as impressed as I have been and still are.. I thought about mentioning it and sharing it with you.

The idea of creating my own blog partly came after checking out his. I am obviously (and unfortunately) not a pro rider, don’t live in north America and don’t have all his experience and network.. so I can’t and don’t really want to compare my adventures with his. I just liked the idea of sharing my experiences with my friends and family, trying to do the same in my little world, where mountains, hikes and lines are a lot smaller than the ones in his world.

This winter I have been hiking using my snowshoes but for next winter I am planning to buy a split board. It’s a board which can be split in two pieces under which you can stick skins, exactly like normal skis. Hiking with a similar tool is sometimes easier than using snowshoes, especially if you are trying to catch up with skiers. Definitely my main project for the next season














































I have been dreaming about this face for days…















..still dreaming…















Nice view, and I am not even at the top.. not yet















French mountain giant















ok, now I am at the top of my line















self portrait at the end of my day. I know what you are thinking.. “nice glasses”. Thank you. I bought them in autralia last year


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