More March powder

When earlier on I wrote that this has been a very good season I think it was an understatement. This is a great season. A couple of weeks ago Mother Nature sent another 30 something cm of new snow and, as always, I was there ready to welcome it! I think the first day I went out on my board but the second day I was on my telemark skis. I am really happy about my progression on tele skis, it has been very..very hard work but being able to ski 20 cm of powder confidently it’s definitely a proof of the fact that it’s finally paying off!

30cm of powder not groomed kindly left on slopes. what a nice gift from the groomers. merci!


freshies!.. on piste


ok, this is not chamonix, I didn’t hike, it’s not 45 degrees.. but tell me it’s not pretty!?


another nice line


you see? this is what you find around here if you are up on the hill before anyone else. the beauty of this place is that at 2 in the afternoon you might still be able to find fresh tracks


the whole day has been first tracks. too easy and safe to be true


I think that day I was on the first lift up and the last one down


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