Lac D’Anterne

This is the time of the year when these mountains are simply stunning. Ok, covered in snow or in grass they are always stunning.. but.. I suppose what makes the landscape special right now is the combination of grass, flowers, water and the snow of course, the one left above 1,800mt. Everywhere else everything is green and lush. There are lots of beautiful flowers almost everywhere, streams of pure water running down from rocks, forming waterfalls of many different sizes and shapes

It’s pretty easy to spot marmots and other wildlife running around enjoying spring after a long and cold winter. There is plenty of water running through valleys too, forming long streams of pure water that makes you wanting to jump in it. If it wasn’t for its temperature (probably around 5 degrees) I would have certainly consider a quick dive

Over the past 2 weeks I have been walking a lot around here. I would say I probably walked an average of 6-7 hours every time I went out exploring. Although all the refuges and mountain huts are still closed the paths are clear. And above 2,000mt where there is still snow is pretty easy to walk on it. The idea was just to enjoy being out there in the nature and also to take a closer look at mountains peaks and faces, ridges, gullies and at all the other mountain features which till a few weeks ago were still covered in snow. I will be back next winter on skis and on board with all my ski touring gear and having the chance to see these mountains without the snow will help me “reading” all these features better when, once again, will be covered in snow



























That massive peak in the centre of the picture is the Mont Blanc. Definetely one of the itinerary for next winter. From here to there on splitboard. If you don’t know what a splitbpard is:














Barbara and down in the valley the pretty village of Sixt. This cross is at 1,816mt














Around here trees grow everywhere.. even on top of rocks!


















Pure mountain water














We tried to cross the river but the new bridge (the one I am standong on) hasn’t been put at its place. so I just played with it for a bit (no I didn’t fall) and then we moved on. To go to the refuge and eventually to reach the lake the map was telling us to cross the river and follow the path on its left




























First wildlife encounter, a mountain frog. It didn’t even seem to be cold














Lots of snow in the winter = lots of water in spring














Although the seasons change I am still walking on snow. We spotted a few marmots around these rocks but we were not quick enough to take pictures. You would not expect such nice rounded little creatures to be that fast on snow














Lac D’Anterne – 2,063mt. A good portion of it seems still frozen. Pretty though














The ski touring itinerary is just on top of this ridge. I’ll better remember where the lake is next winter


















Refuge D’Anterne (Alfred Wills)- 1,876mt. Will open again in mid june














View of the valley. It’s amazing how water makes everything prettier














This massive rock face ends on its right with the Pointe de Sales, 2,497 mt.
















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