Spring skiing in La Grave

The mountains are calling, and I must go – John  Muir

During the winter months my mind functions in a slightly different way from how it normally does during the rest of the year: it doesn’t matter where I am, who I am with, what I am doing, a portion of my brain is constantly focused on the next opportunity I’ll have to be on snow. I often have the impression I live a life in a parallel dimension where […] Continue Reading…

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WWF’s Earth Hour – Saturday, 31 March 2012

Would you like to be part of something special this Saturday, 31st of March, at 8.30pm? It’s irrelevant what part of the world you live in, as long as you switch off your lights and light up your candles. It could not be easier.

Earth Hour is a global event organized by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and is held every year on the last Saturday of March. Households and businesses are invited to turn off their non-essential lights for […] Continue Reading…

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Lyngen Alps – Part 4

Day 5

We have stopped wasting Charles’ time asking him about the weather forecast for the next day. We have accepted that our destiny for this week is to deal with all the elements and often with all of them at the same time. Today the dingy is out again. I go on the first trip with the equipment and wait for the rest of the group on the beach. Getting on shore today requires some basic climbing skills.

Simon doesn’t […] Continue Reading…

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Lyngen Alps – Part 3

Day 3

The wind storm predicted by meteorologists didn’t materialize last night. So Charles decides to take advantage of the calmer seas and motor to the island of ArnØya. According to him, it has one of the most, if not the most, picturesque village of the entire area. Sadly, we are currently sailing in low clouds and visibility is very poor.

Although we can’t see much on the horizon, the GPS tells us we are on the right direction and should […] Continue Reading…

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Lyngen Alps – Part 2

Day 1

When I wake up around 7 we have already left Tromsø, and we are sailing towards the unknown. At least this is how it feels to us. Charles and Per have been sailing extensively along this coastline; they know where the goods are. I join Per on the deck to take a look at the GPS system and have a look at the coast for the first time. We are heading towards Langsundet.

Although I slept on boats before […] Continue Reading…

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Lyngen Alps – Part 1

When I got back from Greenland, in May last year, all I could think of was planning another expedition in the Arctic. Even if the warm temperatures and the sun were encouraging me to focus on surfing, kayaking and just chill in the sun, my thoughts were still anchored on snow. The experiences and the emotions had been so intense that although I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go, I knew I wanted to go back to the […] Continue Reading…

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Happy birthday to me, but no singing please

The time of the year has come where I get that little bit older. It’s a remarkable improvement talking about it on my blog. When I was a child, for some reason I was never fond of celebrating my birthday and I never really enjoyed being at the center of the attention of the little bash my parents planned for me. I didn’t even like receiving presents.

In fact, this might be an excellent opportunity to publicly apologise to those […] Continue Reading…

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Winter at full speed

When at the beginning of December I made the wish about a very cold winter season full of precipitations, I would have never thought Mother Nature would have listened to me and responded so quickly. Once somebody said to me: “be careful what you wish for, it might happen”. It did happen.

By the end of December four low pressure systems, two of which very powerful, had already hit the Alps, leaving behind more than a couple of meters of […] Continue Reading…

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Free your heels with Telemark skiing

Regardless how many years people have been skiing for and how skilled they are, or at least they think they are, the great majority of the time the word “Telemark” comes up in a skiing conversation, everyone seems puzzled and I suddenly find myself answering the question: what is Telemark skiing?!

Here it goes. Also known as free heel skiing, Telemark skiing is, in my opinion, the most elegant form of sliding on snow ever been conceived and engineered. It’s […] Continue Reading…

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Welcome back winter

Winter is upon us. Although I know that technically we are not going to enter winter till the solstice on the 21st of December, I can confidently say that the beginning of a new – hopefully cold and full of precipitations – winter is here. Earlier on this week the long-awaited snow has finally hit European Alps with decent snowfalls that started last week in Scandinavia spreading more recently over the Alps and Scotland. Switzerland has done particularly well […] Continue Reading…

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