In praise of Autumn

Although I have just woke up I can already feel that today is one of those days where I am going to quietly slip straight into a parallel dimension, with every color perfectly matched and my favorite music playing in the background, without even trying to stay in everybody else’s universe. It’s been happening quite often recently.
I am in London, it’s about 9am and the sun, strangely high in the sky for this time in the morning at this […] Continue Reading…

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Protect the places you love

I recently read something really random in a magazine. A group of psychologists working at the Duke University in North Carolina have come up with a rather intriguing theory – people who take short breaks have more happy memories of their time away than those who go on one long holiday. Why? Well, apparently, according to their research, the enjoyment of the experiences diminishes the longer we are away. I guess what happens in a number of cases is […] Continue Reading…

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Stepping into liquid with Glass Tiger Surfboards

Since I started to understand a bit more about myself, about the people and the different environments around me, I developed some new skills and worked on some old ones in order to try and embrace even more the impermanence of the world we live in. Although I am aware this is only another stage of what I feel will be a lifelong inner journey, I can already see and feel some interesting changes. For instance, I am now […] Continue Reading…

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WWF Blue Mile

I recently took part in the Blue mile, an event organized by the WWF to increase the awareness of the importance to protect rivers and seas. Although I am sure we all know that without water we could not live, I don’t know how many of us are aware that the global freshwater ecosystems, rivers, aquifers and wetlands from which we obtain much of our water, are in rapid decline because of over-use, pollution and the effects of climate […] Continue Reading…

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Patagonia – Part 4

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived – Henry David Thoreau

After a quick drink we are ready to switch back to touring mode and set off for another tour. This time we are going to hike a face on the other side […] Continue Reading…

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Patagonia – Part 3

We have been waiting for a window in the weather for the whole week, essentially since I got here (!) and, looking out of the window now it looks like our patience is being rewarded.  The break in the weather is finally here! According to the forecast we should have three or perhaps even four days (not bad for this part of the world this time of year) of clear sky and sunshine which means Jorge can finally take us […] Continue Reading…

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Patagonia – Part 2

San Carlos de Bariloche is located on the southern shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, right at the boarder of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, established in the 1930s. The town is considered to be the gateway to the so called Argentine Lake District and to the Patagonian Andes. This is why Jorge lives here! From everywhere you are around the lake you can clearly see the three main peaks of the area, Cerro Catedral, Lopez and Capilla. The local […] Continue Reading…

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Patagonia – Part 1

“Why then, and this is not only my particular case, does this barren land possesses my mind? I find it hard to explain, but it might partially be because it enhances the horizons of imagination.” – Charles Darwin

Patagonia has been on my list of travel itineraries since I was a child. Located in the southern end of South America, embraces partially the territory of Argentina and Chile. Similarly to Alaska, in my mind Patagonia has always been one those […] Continue Reading…

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Greenland Expedition – Part 4

Day 8: Flat light

After the storm and such a lovely evening, this morning I was hoping to be welcomed out of the tent by a cobalt blue sky. Sadly, everything is still grey so it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for a blue bird day. We decide to go back to Morning Glory peak and ride one of the lines with the exit on the glacier. After about 1 hour and half we are standing at […] Continue Reading…

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Greenland Expedition – Part 3

Day 5: Whiteout

We wake up in another total whiteout, with a few snowflakes falling slowly due to the lack of wind. Even if we are not in a big storm, the lack of visibility is definitely an issue. So after breakfast we decide to hike the closest peak near our tents. Worst case scenario, if the wind picks up at some stage and the visibility decreases even more, we are going to be really close to camp

Hiking up, the […] Continue Reading…

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